Research Interests
Professor Clive Anderson   Statistical and probabilistic modelling and inference
Professor David Applebaum   Probability and stochastic processes
Professor John Biggins   Applied probability
Professor Nick Bingham   Probability and stochastic processes
Dr Paul Blackwell   Stochastic processes, mathematical ecology, evolutionary game theory and Bayesian inference
Dr Caitlin Buck   Application of Bayesian statistics to archaeology, palaeo-environmental science and scientific dating methods
Dr Nick Fieller   Particle-size distributions, dendochronology, analysis of microarray data, linear functional models, problems involving 'outliers', medical, environmental and archaeological applications of statistics
Dr David Grey   Probability and mathematical biology
Dr Jonathan Jordan   Probability theory, fractals and random graphs
Professor Robert Loynes   Linear and non-linear model building, time series
Dr Jeremy Oakley   Bayesian inference
Professor Tony O'Hagan   Theory and applications of Bayesian statistics.
Dr Eleanor Stillman   Practical application of statistics to geology and materials science

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